Used alloy wheels:
We have a set of 4 alloy wheels available in size 18X7.5. We
are asking $400.00 U.S. for the set.  Shipping can be arranged
for you or for an additional fee, we can mount new tires,
balance and install them on your vehicle right here in our shop
in Union City, CA
Used tire service equipment.
Used, truck tire inner tube
dunking tank. Pneumatic
dunking and hold down
mechanism. Propylene tank
Used truck wheels, Concrete mixing truck or a water
truck application.  10 Lug  19.5" X 13", while these
wheels are used they are still very serviceable.
Ready to ship or install. If you purchase the wheels
with new or high quality recaped tires we we will waive
the mounting charges.

Wheel cost is $100.00 ea.  we have 14 of them in stock.

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